Our Story is Their Story

Custom Cinema and Sound

There’s nothing like throwing on your pajamas, grabbing a bowl of popcorn, kicking your feet up, and popping in one of your favorite movies at the end of a long day. Everyone loves to go out to the movie theatre for the bigger screen and unique surround sound experience, but what if you could get […]

Creative Wood Designs

Do you ever wish you could upgrade your home with unique, custom cabinetry designs like those seen in Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, and other home renovation shows? Designs like these may seem out of reach without the guidance from Chip and JoAnna Gaines. Large wooden beams, weathered décor, industrial architecture, and sleek, bright, modern spaces […]

Baker Boy

“Skilled Navy bakers turn out some of the swellest bread and pies you ever tasted.” This is a line written in a 1942 World War II Navy recruitment brochure titled, Men Make The Navy – The Navy Makes Men. One of the many service men in the Navy during WW II producing these fine baked […]

Fischer Family Chiropractic

“Our favorite part of our jobs is helping people,” says Drs. Derek and Christy Fischer. The Fischer’s are licensed chiropractors who share a passion for making others feel healthier and happier. “Our vision has always been to educate our patients and guide them to a healthy lifestyle,” says Dr. Christy. The couple is the first […]

Sm@rt Computers

April success story for Dakota CDC is Smart Computers

Steve Jobs once said, “A computer is like a bicycle for our minds.” Computers and bicycles both take us new places, help us discover new things and inspire us to imagine new possibilities. But computers, like bicycles, can also break with use. The wheels might bend, the chain might fall off and the gears might […]

Outback Autobody

Outback Autobody in Minot North Dakota

In the small town of Minot, North Dakota, entrepreneurs Byron and Denise Norsby own and operate the thriving business, Outback Autobody. “We work on any make, model or year vehicles, boats, pontoons, motorcycles, etc.” says co-owner Byron. Throughout the years, the couple has developed the skills and knowledge to know what it takes to create […]

Rustic Oaks

The story of Rustic Oaks began in 1895, when the Corneliussen family established their home on the banks of the Red River. The Corneliussen’s were immigrants from Norway and chose the site to establish a new life on the prairies of Minnesota. They built a small home during their first year on the property. By […]

Sandys Donuts

Sandys Donuts in Fargo ND has become a success story through the Dakota CDC

Sanfred (Sandy) Ostlund developed a passion for buttermilk donuts after seeing his mother make them in her a cast iron pan over the coal burning stove in their home growing up. As an adult, he made donuts as a hobby, just like his mother. He loved it so much and made so many that he […]

JL Beers

Handmade patties, cooked with a nice seasoning; fresh buns and fresh spiral cut potato chips.  Are you kidding!  Pair that with a beer of your choice and it doesn’t get any better.” This is just one of many common reviews found on Yelp about the Fargo-based, beer and burger restaurant known as JL Beers. At […]

Blarney Stone

Guinness Irish Stew, Bangers and Mash, Meatloaf Murphy, Mussels Malone, and Kilkenny Cod. You would likely see these dishes offered at restaurants in the Emerald Isle, but delicious Irish food is closer to the Midwest than you may think. These Ireland-inspired dishes are just a few of the many items available at Blarney Stone, an […]